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Spending my New Years Eve at Disneyland and I’m on tumblr….. LOL

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Sooooo cute

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I’ll just nap here

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If you feel unwanted or unappreciated where you are or by those you’re with, it only means you’re in the wrong place or with the wrong people. Hang in there. Someone else will see you for the true gift you are.
― LK Hunsaker (via psych-quotes)
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Looking back on 2013 (pls)

  1. 1: What did you do in 2013 that you’d never done before?
  2. I made close international friends o0o0o0o0o
  3. 2: Did you keep your new year’s resolutions, and will you make more for next year?
  4. i never make new years resolutions... LOL
  5. 3: Did anyone close to you give birth?
  6. nope!
  7. 4: Did anyone close to you die?
  8. nope!
  9. 5: What countries did you visit?
  10. none : (
  11. 6: What would you like to have in 2014 that you lacked in 2013
  12. money T_T ....... and talent
  13. 7: What dates from 2013 will remain etched upon your memory, and why?
  14. nothing pop into my head.
  15. 8: What was your biggest achievement of the year?
  16. B in ochem.... LOL OR ACTUALLY. Passing Math 1B -_-
  17. 9: What was your biggest failure?
  18. LOLLL
  19. 10: Did you suffer illness or injury?
  20. I have a tumor in my finger?!
  21. 11: What was the best thing you bought?
  22. meh. some of my clothes are pretty nice... OH WAIT. Actually... nevermind. LOL
  23. 12: Whose behaviour merited celebration?
  24. wtf. idk o_o
  25. 13: Whose behaviour made you appalled?
  26. lol. that's a secret ;)
  27. 14: Where did most of your money go?
  28. fucking ipad air -_- looooooong story.
  29. 15: What did you get really, really, really excited about?
  30. my ochem grade... LOL
  31. 16: What song will always remind you of 2013?
  32. Pop Danthonlogy 2013? LOL
  33. 17: Compared to this time last year, are you: (a) happier or sadder? (b) thinner or fatter? (c) richer or poorer?
  34. I wouldn't say I'm happier or sadder, but I'm more complete. fatter for sure. POORER FOR SURE
  35. 18: What do you wish you’d done more of?
  36. Study
  37. 19: What do you wish you’d done less of?
  38. Study
  39. 20: How did you spend Christmas?
  40. I actually had a really stressful Christmas, but I'm happy that everyone is safe.
  41. 21: Did you fall in love in 2013?
  42. i'm sorry, what is that?
  43. 22: What was your favourite TV program?
  44. don't watch tv : (
  45. 23: Do you hate anyone now that you didn’t hate this time last year?
  46. lol. i wouldn't exactly say "hate"...
  47. 24: What was the best book you read?
  48. i don't read a lot : X
  49. 25: What was your greatest musical discovery?
  50. I'm In Here- Sia/ Say Something- Great Big World Ft Christina Aguilera
  51. 26: What did you want and get?
  52. ..........
  53. 27: What did you want and not get?
  54. i will not disclose this information. LOL
  55. 28: What was your favourite film of this year?
  56. definitely Catching Fire
  57. 29: What one thing made your year immeasurably more satisfying?
  58. my B in ochem. LOL
  59. 30: How would you describe your personal fashion concept in 2013?
  60. Annie Leonhardt
  61. 31: What kept you sane?
  62. i wasn't ;X
  63. 32: Which celebrity/public figure did you fancy the most?
  64. Jennifer Lawrence
  65. 33: What political issue stirred you the most?
  66. probably suicide rates. but meh : X
  67. 34: Who did you miss?
  68. lol
  69. 35: Tell us a valuable life lesson you learned in 2013.
  70. Perception is stronger than reality.
  71. 36: Quote a song lyric that sums up your year.
  72. "But that was then and this is now. Now look at me. This is the part of me that you're never gonna ever take away from me, no. Throw your sticks and your stones. Throw your bombs and your blows, but you're not gonna take my soul."
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If you give a shit about my thoughts...

  1. 1: Talk about the first time you watched your favorite movie.
  2. The book wasn't so good, but the movie made me wet. I watched it with some of my indonesian friends and a chinese guy.... LOL. No popcorn, just an icee.
  3. 2: Talk about your first kiss.
  4. I was young and dumb, deceived by the illusion of love. It was nothing I imagined it would be, but I will never forget the softness of her lips.
  5. 3: Talk about the person you've had the most intense romantic feelings for.
  6. "young and dumb, deceived by the illusion of love"
  7. 4: Talk about the thing you regret most so far.
  8. being young and dumb???
  9. 5: Talk about the best birthday you've had.
  10. these people from my school were having a party on my birthday, so naturally, I'd feel like shit. Dominic Le stopped by my house to give me a cake - I'll never understand why he did it, but it definitely increased my feelings of self-worth. I could never thank him enough.
  11. 6: Talk about the worst birthday you've had.
  12. UGH. Spent all my birthday money to bring these bitches to Chuck-E-Cheeses and they didn't even save me a slice pizza -_-
  13. 7: Talk about your biggest insecurity.
  14. idk. physically or emotionally? well physically, I'm pretty chubby. hehe. Like... it's not even my face or my arms and legs. it's JUST my stomach, which kinda sucks but i'm too lazy/busy to work out so whatever. gonna be rich when i'm older so imma get liposuction. LOL JK JK JK!! But yeah. Also, my height and my forehead and the right side of my lip. my left eyelid and the scars on my face from when i was bit in the head by a dog when i was younger. I think that's about it. OH. Also my stretch marks.... hehehe. Emotionally, i'd say the fact that i'm so emotionally unstable. i mean, i relive a whole lot of things through flashbacks and nightmares and it sucks because people think i'm joking but i'm not. LOL. I hate being so sensitive, especially how there's nothing I can do to alleviate it.
  15. 8: Talk about the thing you are most proud of.
  16. I got a B in ochem this quarter ^_^ That's pretty good. I'd like to believe that I'm a pretty good gift giver. I'm pretty proud of the fact that I'm still alive. I'll just leave it at that.
  17. 9: Talk about little things on your body that you like the most.
  18. well the shape of my nails are pretty nice.... LOL. I see these people with the ugly ass, half square nails and I'm pretty happy that mine aren't like those...... also, other than my tumor, I really like my fingers. and I GUESS i'm blessed with clear skin. ^_^v
  19. 10: Talk about the biggest fight you've ever had.
  20. there's a war in my mind. the worst thing about wars is that there's never truly a winner.
  21. 11: Talk about the best dream you've ever had.
  22. the deja vu ones, where you have dreams of the future and they come true. hehe. love those.
  23. 12: Talk about the worst dream you've ever had.
  24. the ones where i dream about people who aren't in my life anymore. of course they're always friends, not family members. it's never about people who've died and left my life... no. it's more like those people who changed my life, or were in the process of changing my life, but under certain circumstanced, we weren't able to be connected anymore. I guess the people who I have unresolved feelings for? i don't know. it just... it hurts to see people who once made me happy, or once made a huge impact on my life, and to see them in my dreams and to remember everything we've done together and everything they've done for me. then to wake up to complete emptiness - nothing but the reality that they'll never be the same person to me ever again. or just the fact that life has separated us. those are the ones that hurt the most. the ones where you wake up dialing their number, but you remember that if they picked up, then you wouldn't be able to express your emotions to them because you don't even know the person that they are anymore. because you've been so disconnected to them, that everything you recognized about this person has become so foreign. yeah, i guess those are the worst dreams i've ever had.
  25. 13: Talk about the first time you had sex/how you imagine your first time.
  26. ughhhhhhhhhh. i mean realistically, i imagine my first time to be awks. LOL
  27. 14: Talk about a vacation.
  28. i'm going to disneyland in t - 5 days.
  29. 15: Talk about the time you were most content in life.
  30. i woke up and realized that i can't please everyone. i'm not going to attempt to be close to people who don't make an effort back. i've always believed "if it's meant to be, then it will happen" not anymore. i'm in control of my life now. what do you do to people who bring you down? you cut then out. i mean, it sucks being so lonely, but even when i was surrounded by people, i felt lonely. i'm better off now because i'm saving my time and energy.
  31. Johanna Mason- "they can't hurt me. i'm not like the rest of you. there's no one left i love"
  32. 16: Talk about the best party you've ever been to.
  33. omg. LOL. Well i threw up....... i'll just leave it at that.
  34. 17: Talk about someone you want to be friends with.
  35. i'm already friends with everyone that i need. but jennifer lawrence.. LOL
  36. 18: Talk about something that happened in elementary school.
  37. i was cornered by a white girl and her japanese-american friend and then the white girl asked me to be her boyfriend and i was scared and said yes. also, i was new to the school. LOL
  38. 19: Talk about something that happened in middle school.
  39. this bitch ass was freeloading off my fries. i didn't really care until he accidentally dropped my friend chicken -_-
  40. 20: Talk about something that happened in high school.
  41. i met/was reunited with my soul mates <3 KKK
  42. 21: Talk about a time you had to turn someone down.
  43. complete backfire. they gave my number to their friends and they all spammed me with hate-texts : X
  44. 22: Talk about your worst fear.
  45. i'm pretty afraid of heights. don't know what my WORST fear is. I guess being crushed to death laced with a little bit of claustrophobia?
  46. 23: Talk about a time someone turned you down.
  47. they thought i was joking. LOL
  48. 24: Talk about something someone told you that meant a lot.
  49. Aivy Le told me that she loved my smile.
  50. 25: Talk about an ex-best friend.
  51. well he was mexican and he lived two houses away. LOL
  52. 26: Talk about things you do when you're sick.
  53. sleep???????
  54. 27: Talk about your favorite part of someone else's body.
  55. definitely the butt
  56. 28: Talk about your fetishes.
  57. straight teeth and somewhat pale skin. not like, korean or japanese pale, but yeah.
  58. 29: Talk about what turns you on.
  59. ughhh straight teeth and pale skin??? LOL
  60. 30: Talk about what turns you off.
  61. i don't like needy or personalities that baby me. I mean if someone said "omg you're so cute" and pinches my cheek, that's fine. but in a relationship, i'm not gonna need someone to blow on my soup for me, you know?!?!?!?!????!
  62. 31: Talk about what you think death is like.
  63. i would like it to be slow (like 2-3mins) and painless. if I were to die, I'd like it to be like i'm laying down on someone's lap as they're cradling my head. I want to see the sun shining behind their head and i want to feel a cool breeze on my face as they're gently brushing my hair. I want to look someone in the eyes and nod at them as i wipe off their tear so they know that everything is going to be alright. i think the thing that everyone wants is to be remembered. i want to die smiling, so that no one can remember the pain or the hurt. i don't want it to be dark.
  64. 32: Talk about a place you remember from your childhood.
  65. i miss my old house.
  66. 33: Talk about what you do when you are sad.
  67. well, i really like to sleep when i'm sad. i think about it too much, so sleeping helps alleviate the pain - only until i wake up though. what i noticed about sad dreams is that you never feel sad about it until you wake up. i really like the feeling of being numb when you're sad.
  68. 34: Talk about the worst physical pain you've endured.
  69. i woke up crying in the recovery room after a surgery.
  70. 35: Talk about things you wish you could stop doing.
  71. procrastinating. BUT LETS BE REAL HERE LOL
  72. 36: Talk about your guilty pleasures.
  73. idk masturbating? LOL
  74. 37: Talk about someone you thought you were in love with.
  75. that's exactly what it was. i thought i was in love.
  76. 38: Talk about songs that remind you of certain people.
  77. Kelley: Us Against the World- Christina Millan
  78. Kevin Chau: Perfect Two- Auburn
  79. Annie: any SNSD song
  80. Kassie Pham: I Knew You Were Trouble- Taylor Swift
  81. Allan Huang&Jenny Nguyen: Battle Scars- Lupe Fiasco
  82. (Only) Allan Huang: No Angls- Bastille
  83. Charlotte Ledesma: Teardrops of my Guitar- Taylor Swift
  84. Doan-Trang Nguyen: War- Jay Sean
  85. Anthony Ton: Again- Bruno mars ft. natasha beddingfield
  86. Allison Inocencio: Crazier- Taylor Swift
  87. Nikki Tran: Airplanes- BOB
  88. Derrick Nguyen: Brave- Sara Bareilles
  89. Nancy Bui: Away From You- TJE Austin
  90. Katie Nguyen: Bad Girl Good Girl- Miss A/ I don't care-2ne1
  91. Gordon Cheung: Mirrors- Boyce Avenue Ft Fifth Avenue
  92. Jenny Luu: fuck bitches get money??? don't even know who sings this
  93. Theodore Thi: What's my name- Drake&Rihanna
  94. My mom: Hurt-Christina Auguilera
  95. Vincent Huynh: Missing Me- Rj Helton
  96. Crystal Lam: Secrets- One Republic
  97. Tiffany Ly: Who Knew-Pink
  98. Kim Do: 8 songs in 1- Norwegian Recycling
  99. Alaine Flandez: If I were a boy- Beyonce
  100. Yeah.... : X I associate people with songs and I actually hate that about me. haha.
  101. 39: Talk about things you wish you'd known earlier.
  102. that putting in effort for elementary-high school really does effect your performance in college.
  103. 40: Talk about the end of something in your life.
  104. i will no longer put other people before myself because i am important and i am my own priority because i really do need to learn how to love myself.
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Okay, I know this is a day late but I was waaaaaay too tired to record this yesterday - but still, I’ll be talking in present tense.

Anyways. Today was soooo hectic. Woke up at 9:40-ish because I’ve been taking sleeping pills, and they make me feel super rested. I was planning on eating Cha Cha Sushi with Trini Bui at like 12:30, so I had two hours to kill. I played pokemon y on my new 3DS XL that I bought for myself for Christmas then showered and got ready. Went to go pick her up and got there like 6 minutes late. LOL. On my way to Cha Cha, Jeffrey calls me and asks if I’ll be home soon because he needs his car - they called him in to work at 2 when he’s supposed to be working at 3. So no, I just kept his car. LOL. (I have to borrow his BMW because my brother is in town and he’s borrowing my car, so yeah.)

Anyways. Got to Cha Cha at 12:55 and it opens at 1pm on Sundays, so no line v^_^v. I haven’t been here in forevs bc I usually eat at Kenzo for sushi because all-you-can-eat. It was actually really refreshing though because I really like the Lion King roll at Cha Cha, and Trini showed me this bomb ass roll called Brandon’s roll and it’s super good because they bombard that shit with fish. During my lunch, I had a really stimulating conversation with Trini. Like, we caught up on so many things, and it made me realize how much I missed talking to her even though I’m really bad at keeping contact when she’s at UCSD. LOL. But yeah. I love how she always has so many stories, and she lets me call her “sassy bitch”.

At the end of our lunch, I had an emergency call from one of my international friends because something happened, so me and Trini embarked on an adventure! We drove to Campbell, and it was pretty amazing that I survived because I don’t drive very much and I’ve never been to Campbell… like ever. LOL. So I pull in to this sketchy-ass run-down ratchet farm looking place and I call my friend, and he was wandering about because he needed to get his mind off of things. I drove like literally 20 ft and I found him. LOL. He didn’t feel like hanging out, so I drove him home. This. Fucking. Ride. Was so fucking stressful. I don’t even remember how many wrong turns I made -_-. Kevin was just not cut out for the road (Third person, I know…)

I finally made it to his house, but I felt super bad because I really wanted to hang out with him - I feel like he really needed me. But I guess picking him up and bringing him home was good enough for that moment. He didn’t really want to talk about it anyways.

Since we were in Cupertino, Trini and I ended up getting some Ten Ren and that shit is soooooo super duper amazing. I don’t usually drink milk tea, but that place is SO good. Black Milk Tea (#2 I think) just if case if anyone decides to buy me any ^_^. Like. This tea made all of my troubles go away - that drive made me super heated because it was so freaking stressful. But yeah, I knew my way home though, so the drive back wasn’t bad. I went home and showed Trini my puppy, then dropped her off at home. Gave her, her Dr Who blanket (Christmas present) and we parted ways. It was kinda bittersweet because we don’t usually have much time to spend together whenever she’s back, but I guess the distance and having so many friends in so many different places has taught me how to cope. Hah. But yeah. I’m actually really happy that I invest myself into this friendship bc it’s not one of those bullshit friendships where they’re fake happy for you and pretend to care about your life problems. I really love how she’s such a genuine person.

But yeah, dropped that bitch off and went home. RIGHT when I got home, Sherlyn was there. LOL! She was picking me up to go to Christmas in the Park. I met Jason for the first time. First impression was that I could tell that he’s super shy. Didn’t really make eye contact, but eh, that’s how I met Kevin Chau. LOL. Sherlyn got me a penguin pillow pet that I’m probably gonna put in my car because my dogs would chew it up otherwise. 

But yeah, went to Christmas in the park, and it was super crowded. Like, If I’ve ever had claustrophobia, it was most prominent at this moment. It felt like Apple was opening a new product. Or like Black Friday. Or Tet at Grand Century. Progressively, the crowd thinned out. Saw some kittens and bought hot chocolate. Okay. I drank like 2 sips and I threw that shit out. It is soooooooo overhyped. Only got it for the picture. LOL. But yeah. Regardless, I had fun there. I didn’t get to go yet this year, so I’m happy that I had the chance. 

Afterwards, Sherlyn, Jason and I went to Burnt Rice. I felt super bad because I was texting my international friend the whole time. Hope I didn’t make a bad first impression :X Dinner was nice though. Not much to catch up on, but I really enjoyed Sherlyn’s company. If there’s one thing that I learned from high school, it’s that friends come and go, but Sherlyn has always been a very loyal friend. Proud to be her son ^_^ Heh. Heh. But yeah. After dinner, I stole the check and paid for them :) Then she dropped me off. 

I had leftover Garlic fries, so I drove to Jeff’s work place and dropped them off. I stayed for a little bit and played with the dogs (He works at a doggy daycare), and helped him do some paperwork. When I left, I went to go pump gas bc I used up a lot of his gas today. LOL. When I got home, RIGHT when I opened the door, I got a text from Kelley telling me she was home. LOL! So I closed the door and drove my ass to her house to drop off her Ten Ren. 

Sat in the car for like an hour and a half, and seriously, it wasn’t even life talk! LOL. I GUESS we were catching up?!?!?! IDK! I don’t know how time flies so quickly with her. LOL. But yeah. Drove home and knocked out. UGHHHHHHHH.

Okay. this shit is so long, I’m not even gonna proofread. LOL.

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50 Questions You've Never Been Asked

  1. 1. What's your favorite candle scent?
  2. I don't know, vanilla?
  3. 2. What female celebrity do you wish was your sister?
  4. J Law
  5. 3. What male celebrity do you wish was your brother?
  6. Dunno
  7. 4. How old do you think you'll be when you get married?
  8. I'm never getting married.
  9. 5. Do you know a hoarder?
  10. Me : (
  11. 6. Can you do a split?
  12. No...
  13. 7. How old were you when you learned how to ride a bike?
  14. Like 9
  15. 8. How many oceans have you swam in?
  16. Just one.
  17. 9. How many countries have you been to?
  18. Just one...
  19. 10. Is anyone in your family in the army?
  20. Nope
  21. 11. What would you name your daughter if you had one?
  22. I'm never having kids...
  23. 12. What would you name your son if you had one?
  24. " "
  25. 13. What's the worst grade you got on a test?
  26. lol
  27. 14. What was your favorite TV show when you were a child?
  28. SopngeBob.
  29. 15. What did you dress up as on Halloween when you were eight?
  30. Idk. A ninja or a power ranger.
  31. 16. Have you read any of the Harry Potter, Hunger Games or Twilight series?
  32. I have them, yes, and no.
  33. 17. Would you rather have an American accent or a British accent?
  34. British I GUESS
  35. 18. Did your mother go to college?
  36. Nope
  37. 19. Are your grandparents still married?
  38. They're dead.
  39. 20. Have you ever taken karate lessons?
  40. Nopeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee
  41. 21. Do you know who Kermit the frog is?
  42. only the name, never saw the show so.......
  43. 22. What's the first amusement park you've been to?
  44. Six Flags
  45. 23. What language, besides your native language, would you like to be fluent in?
  46. Cantonese and Spanish. And I GUESS Indonesian... LOL
  47. 24. Do you spell the color as grey or gray?
  48. Gray
  49. 25. Is your father bald?
  50. No
  51. 26. Do you know triplets?
  52. Do puppies count? ^_^
  53. 27. Do you prefer Titanic or The Notebook?
  54. Never saw the notebook.... so titanic?!?!??
  55. 28. Have you ever had Indian food?
  56. Not exactly, Thai food is similar though.
  57. 29. What's the name of your favorite restaurant?
  58. idk famous daves?
  59. 30. Have you ever been to Olive Garden?
  60. ya
  61. 31. Do you belong to any warehouse stores (Costco, BJ's, etc.)?
  62. .........
  63. 32. What would your parents have named you if you were the opposite gender?
  64. idk.
  65. 33. If you have a nickname, what is it?
  66. kev or
  67. 34. Who's your favorite person in the world?
  68. joanna mason
  69. 35. Would you rather live in a rural area or in the suburbs?
  70. suburbs
  71. 36. Can you whistle?
  72. yeah
  73. 37. Do you sleep with a nightlight?
  74. no - pitch black
  75. 38. Do you eat breakfast every morning?
  76. never
  77. 39. Do you take any pills or medication daily?
  78. sleeping pills
  79. 40. What medical conditions do you have?
  80. i have a tumor in my right index finger??? and slight asthma
  81. 41. How many times have you been to the hospital?
  82. idk like 5
  83. 42. Have you ever seen Finding Nemo?
  84. ya
  85. 43. Where do you buy your jeans?
  86. pac sun, american eagle, levi, and 7 for all mankind
  87. 44. What's the last compliment you got?
  88. "Your teeth look so much straighter now" - Jacob Nguyen
  89. 45. Do you usually remember your dreams in the morning?
  90. only prominent ones????????
  91. 46. What flavor tea do you enjoy?
  92. green apple, or black milk (ten ren onlyyyyyy)
  93. 47. How many pairs of shoes do you currently own?
  94. 8, and 3 pairs of slippers (was 5 until doggies chewed up two pairs)
  95. 48. What religion will you raise your children to practice?
  96. none
  97. 49. How old were you when you found out that Santa wasn't real?
  98. i always knew
  99. 50. Why do you have a tumblr?
  100. Kelley Nguyen.
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if lucifer needs someones consent to enter their body then so do you

this is the best rape argument i have ever heard

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If you can’t buy one yourself please at least try to spread the word to someone who can save a life any way you can. Stories like this break my heart.

This place is located in Bakersfield. There are 700 animals that need a home!


If you can’t buy one yourself please at least try to spread the word to someone who can save a life any way you can. Stories like this break my heart.

This place is located in Bakersfield. There are 700 animals that need a home!